East of 494 on Basslake Rd, Maple Grove, MN 55369
Heritage Animal Hospital, Maple Grove Minnesota
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Heritage Animal Hospital is a full service Hospital that provides excellent medicine, surgery, dentistry, grooming, and boarding services. Started in 1991 by Dr. Silverstein and Dr. Carter, Heritage Animal Hospital has steadily grown over the years from a converted chiropractic office to the upbeat fully staffed and equipped veterinary hospital that it is today. Veterinary interns flock to us, Certified Veterinary Technicians choose us as an employer, and the community refers fellow pet owners to us in unbelievable numbers. I am proud of the level of pet care demanded by owners and provided by our staff. I hope this never changes.
- R. Silverstein, DVM

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Heritage Animal Hospital
12624 Bass Lake Road
Maple Grove, MN

Office: 763-559-7387
Fax: 763-210-5213
Conveniently located in our office, we offer pet-safe, veterinarian recommended supplies and products available for purchase at very good prices. Some of the supplies and products include:

   * Special Diets: Prescription dog/cat food (i.e. Science Diet and Purina Diet)
   * Premium dog/cat food (i.e. Solid Gold) Products
   * Shampoo
   * Dental care supplies
   * Ear cleaning supplies
   * Natural supplements
   * In house pharmacy
   * Leashes & collars
   * Toys (i.e. Kongs, Busy Buddies - stimulate cognitive development)
   * Chew toys
   * Cat litter
   * Pet training products (i.e. Gentle Leader)
   * and much, much more!

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